Games Omniverse                                                                                                               August 2013-Present

Audio Director, Composer, Sound Design

  • Currently in development, Hidden Object Adventure Game using Unity

  • Directing voice actors to fulfill their tasks and to give guidance on character development

  • Succeeded in prototype/alpha build, currently on the final stages of development

  • Designing all audio, recording voice actors, editing audio, and composing all music  

  • Communicating with programmers/directing how/where audio needs to be implemented  

  • Communicating with writers and animators how audio design affects gameplay



eMedia Music Corporation                                                                                             February 2011-July 2018

Music Editor, Music Tracking, QA testing

  • Shipped numerous programs, apps, and titles from start to finish over my 5 year tenure

  • Guided instructors on musical curriculum/musical lesson planning to match eMedia specs

  • Tracking/syncing audio to written notes (much like a sing along does)

  • Testing final products and finding, documenting, and explaining bugs using Mantis

  • Audio implementation using the Unity Game Engine

  • Editing audio/audio mixing

  • Copy-editing music

  • Orchestration

  • MXML



Another Dimension Magazine                                                                                      March 2015-August 2015

Sound Designer, Editor, Composer

  • Achieved the magazine’s online release, Anthology currently in development

  • Editing raw audio used for short stories

  • Composed music and designing sound effects to accompany the reading and enhance the listener experience

  • Composed the theme song and credits theme.



Kaiten Labs                                                                                                           January 2014-September 2015

Audio Director, Composer, Level Design, Sound Design

  • Created/Completed video games Tile (PlayN) and Gentritown (Unity) from their inception to their completion

  • Composed music and sound effect content

  • Designed a majority of the levels from start to finish.   

  • Directed visual assets and mechanics

http://www.kaitenlabs.com/  http://www.8bithistory.org/ 


Wily Writers                                                                                                                                         April 2009


  • Commissioned to write the theme song and ending of Wily Writers.     




University of Puget Sound                                                                                                                   2006-2010

BA in Music Composition, Class of 2010

  • Recipient of the Presidents’ Scholarship for academic excellence and the Violin Performance Scholarship, 2006-2010. 3.8 Major GPA.